Zachary “Buddha” Aguilar

Buddha Aguilar

Zachary “Buddha” Aguilar grew up in a musical family. Initial exposure to music came from his father, Tom, who was a member of a band that played in his hometown of Marion, Indiana. Around the age of eight years old, Tom and his wife, Mona, started buying their son different instruments. Buddha quickly immersed himself in music, started primarily with the drums. However, his interest in the drum kit was short lived before following in his father’s footsteps and playing more with the guitar.

The young musician got his first guitar at the age of 12 and quickly progressed. Buddha’s talent with the guitar was clear, but he enjoyed the challenge of other instruments. The desire to further his musical skills led him to play the trumpet in middle school. At this time, he met Jameson Bradford in band class where their musical collaboration began. They started talking about music and discovered similar musical interests, that they both played guitar and that Jameson brother, Ralf Bradford, was a drummer.  The boys got together and practiced a few times, but nothing really stuck until a couple years later. Over this time, Buddha still hadn’t found the instrument that he “wanted” yet, so he tried switching his focus to bass. Once again, the challenge of a new instrument appealed to him.

At 14 years old, he got his first bass and got together with Jameson and Ralf to form a band called Misled Youth. The band played around their hometown of Marion, but as they matured the band fizzled out. Misled Youth phased out, but Buddha’s interest in the bass stayed strong. Something about that instrument really grabbed him. He continued to seek perfection on bass as he went through school. In high school, they rekindled the music flame with Jameson and Ralf, and they started getting more serious about the music they were making, and decided to take the act of Glostik Willy on the road.

The band quickly began to make a name for itself over the years, catching the ears of music lovers in the greater Midwest area. In late 2012, Buddha came upon a great opportunity from luthier Christopher Woods. He offered to sponsor Buddha by building him a custom bass to represent his company. With his new instrument, he continued to progress even further along.  As the band started to take a more serious touring roll in the music scene, Buddha yet again was the recipient of a great endorsement opportunity brought to him by Weber Speakers.  With these new tools in his arsenal Buddha continues striving to challenge himself and Glostik to become a reckoning force in the music scene.


Ted Weber’s Famous Loudspeakers is a proud sponsor of Buddha Aguilar. 

Ted Weber's Famous Loudspeakers Sponsor

Christopher Woods Guitar is a proud sponsor of Buddha Aguilar.  CWG

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