Glostik Willy Rage Machine

Street Team Participant Information

Digital Street Team Missions

  • Invite people to Facebook Events and also to Glostik Willy’s Facebook Page with the “Suggest to Friends” button.
  • For those of you with web programming knowledge, we ask that you host animated banners and widgets on your own Social Networking pages/blogs and other profiles which click through back to Glostik Willy’s website, fan club, ticket pages, or other links.
  • Create artwork and other creative output for use by the public that reflects well on Glostik Willy.
  • Spread the word about Glostik Willy, tours, events, and music on other like-minded message boards, in chat rooms, local music lists, and other forums.
  • Comment on blogs writing about Glostik Willy or like-minded artists.
  • “Like” items about Glostik Willy across the web so it shows up in your Facebook news feed.
  • Tweet and Re-Tweet message about Glostik Willy on Twitter.
  • “Digg” News Articles about Glostik Willy.
  • Tag photos on Flickr of Glostik Willy.
  • Share YouTube/Vimeo Videos, on Social Networks, Forums, and Groups. Comment on Videos of Glostik Willy.
  • Email friends admats and forward other show advertisements to them and their friends.
  • Recommend Glostik Willy music on sites like iTunes Ping, iLike, Last.FM, Pandora, Blip.FM, etc.
  • Post show advertisements about Glostik Willy on Craigslist, Event Brite, Jambase and other music sites.
  • Write favorable reviews of Glostik Willy on Amazon, I-tunes, and other E-commerce sites.


Street Team Support on the Ground

  • Receive posters and hang them (with permission) in key places in the community we are performing.
  • Receive fliers and distribute them (with permission) at preceding performances weeks before Glostik Willy comes to town.
  • Make telephone calls or send text messages to family and friends encouraging them to attend shows or become familiar with the band. Try to initiate conversations about the band and why you like the music.
  • Host house parties or have gatherings before or after the show and if the band or the members are available, they will try to attend for a meet and greet opportunity. Please recognize that this measure requires scheduling and coordination and we will do the best as we can to accommodate.
  • Call your local radio stations and ask them to do an interview or to play the band’s music on the station and to remind listeners about the upcoming performance.
  • Ask of the band event is listed on their community calendar.
  • Call your local newspaper and ask them to do an interview or to list the bands gig in their event calendar. Ask them to follow up with a review of the show.
  • Refer a friend program. For each new Street Team Member who is recruited and referred by you, and mentions your name, will receive higher scores for better rewards.


Digital Street Team Operations

  • Please make accommodations to receive/pick up your promo materials.
  • We send out missions once a week that focus on different areas of the internet. Week 1 can be Facebook missions. Week 2 can be Twitter missions. Week 3 can be forum missions, etc.
  • We require screen shots with examples of your online work for rewards.
  • We try to make it easy to for members to obtain goals for the team like “reach 5000 members” or “comment on 5 blogs.”
  • We make sure missions take a member no more than 20 minutes per week.
  • The harder you work, the more you will get in return and we strive to be kind and thankful of your efforts. 


Rewards for being on the Street Team

  • Both online and ground team members rewards can range from simple things such as signed official posters and artwork, free downloads and tickets to shows to really SPECIAL merchandise rewards for members who excel and GO BEYOND and continue to repeat their support.
  • People that REALLY go above and beyond are invited to Glostik Willy parties, meet & greets, sound checks and backstage to hang out and socialize with the band in addition to hard goods and small tokens of appreciation.
  • Anyone who does “some” work but not enough for a free ticket will at least get a token of our appreciation and there is nothing too small, it all helps and we appreciate you.
  • All of our online campaigns work best as competitions for the most work performed and we select the top winners who get the most rewards.
  • We are sorry, but we cannot guarantee that rewards will include tickets to music festivals as these events are not able to provide support for our teams. We recommend you contact the festivals directly and mention Glostik Willy and make it known you are on our team. We can then make the request stronger when we work together to impress a fest!


Qualifying the Mission

  • Each mission will have a designated set of requirements in order to qualify you for your rewards. Please expect to take photographs or screenshots of your work and to provide other methods used to document the result of the mission.
  • Get pictures of you promoting at shows and take pics when you hang up posters or leave flyers.
  • Upload your photos to Facebook and/or to the Street Team DATABASE for our review.
  • Enter at least 6 TARGET LOCATIONS in the DATABASE of where you left flyers or posters.
  • Enter at least 3 TARGET SHOWS in the DATABASE where you passed out flyers.


If you’re ready to become part of The Glostik Willy Rage Machine, a solid member of our team, please continue to the Member Form to sign up!


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