Ralf Mowf

Ralf Mowf grew up on high energy rock ‘n’ roll!  Born in the year 1991 Ralf Mowf was quickly amused by music in every way, especially the heartbeat of the song.  Growing up his parents Jake and Lisa supported him and his brother Jameson and their passion to make music.  At the age of 11, Ralf Mowf received his first drum set.  Some say it was love at first sight!  The ability to play drums almost came naturally with little to no teaching.  It began as a simple hobby, but quickly turned into something more.  With the fascination of learning new things and playing on stage fueling his fire he began to conquer drumming.  Playing with many different musicians and in his own band he began to learn a lot of new styles and approaches and developed his own technique. 

Glostik Willy was formed in 2008 with long time band brothers Zach “Buddha” Aguilar, Jameson Bradford and Ralf Mowf.  Ralf Mowf continues to improve techniques in drumming/rhythm by exploring hand percussion as well as many other forms of drums.  He then felt motivated to involve timbale drums in the drum set which is not often seen with drummers, bringing a nice blend of auxiliary percussion with the heavy hitting of a rock drum set.  His technique and sound touches many different genres that are guaranteed to make you groove.  His Influences consist of Michael Travis, Stanton Moore, Joe Russo, Mike Portnoy, Mickey Hart and many more.

While performing with Glostik Willy, and all the other musical friends, he could explore a range of styles, songs and genres learning about different rhythms and musical feelings as possible.  Ralf Mowf continues to play in Glostik Willy and also continues to progress in his musical journey.  With the constant expansion of knowledge of drums/rhythm you never know what to expect to hear from Ralf Mowf!


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