Don’t Feed the Monkey

It’s monkey business as usual, so go about your day Try to find the time to unwind in this broken down cage  Now you’re here no need to fear, the monkey mans hand  Until at last he has his grasps and makes a monkey man   Dressing up he’s in disguise when you see him getting high Out all night… Read more →

Doin’ Time

As I approach the bench, none of this makes sense  Who are you to judge me and give me my sentence Gave me 24 months, locked me in a cage You didn’t even care, just wrote the verdict turned the page What more could I say, he just me away  So I throw my hands up, and do my time… Read more →

Glostik Willy Texas Festival Debut

Glostik Willy is stoked to make our Texas festival debut at Head for the Hills 2016! If you can make the trip down from the midwest, I promise it will be worth it. We are stoked to give the festival crowd of Texas a dose of Hippy Metal!  Please check out more about the festival below: Facebook Event: Spacial Collaborations… Read more →