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Glostik Willy is the life support for the rock & roll you thought was dead. The band formed in early 2008, and since then has grown to be a driving force in today’s scene bridging the gap between rock and jam and forming their own genre of music that can only be described as Hippy Metal.  GW has done 600+ performances in more than 25 states and 2 countries.  The band has hosted 8 music festivals (May Daze, Stik Nite, Twig Nite, Willy Fest) and performed at over 70 festivals.  

Glostik Willy continues to thrive on the road spreading their love for music to anyone with an open ear.  If this group of in your face Hippy Metal addicts happen to stop by a city near you, be sure not to miss this amazing musical spectacle that the world knows as Glostik Willy.


Glostik Willy” (Self-Titled) 2015
Willy Town”  2016

2015 Festivals:

Willy Fest (Host), May Daze (Host), Star Gaze (Headline), Hookahville, The Werk Out, Good People Good Times, Family Roots Fest, Miami Valley Music Fest, Ohmstead, Smoke on the Water (Headline), Gory at the Quarry (Headline), Dead Grass (Headline), Yellow Springs Street Fair, Comfest, Park Street Fest, Gathering of the Juggalos (Renegade Set), Festivus.

2014 Festivals:
May Daze (Host), Family Roots, Good People Good Times, Color Dance Music Fest, The Ville, Miami Valley Music Fest, Tribal Connection, Hog Daze, Resonance, Mustache Bash, Dabroots, Mile High Festibowl, Cukka Rakko, Festivus, Summers End Shakedown,.
2013 Festivals: 
May Daze (host), The Werk Out, The Ville, Winterfest, Tribal Connection, Good People Good Times, Family Roots, Miami Valley Music Fest, Wham Bam, Toledo Jam Fest, Dancin in the Dark, Hog Daze, Twig Nite (host), Zombie Apocalypse, Festivus, Harvest Daze
2012 Festivals:
May Daze, The Werk Out Music Fest, Karma, Fall Hookahville, Family Roots Fall Fest, Good People Good Times, Miami Valley Music Fest, Peace Through Music Fest, Hoodilidoo, Hyperion, Winterfest, Festivus, Frost Fest
2011 Festivals:
The Werk Out (3 sets), Stik Nite, Rootwire, Good People Good Times, Stable Studios Music Fest, Farmfest, Freshtival, Blottopia Equinox, Festivus
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