Glostik Willy – ByrdFest Debut in Ozark Arkansas

Glostik Willy at Byrd FestWhen the guys from The Schwag wrote to us saying they loved our sets at Fennario and wanted us to come down to Arkansas for BrydFest 15, we just had to say “Hell Yeah!”  Jimmy said that it will be going down heavy in Ozark, AR on Sept 22-23rd with The Schwag throwing 3 sets of Grateful Dead into the mix along with bands rocking tribute sets to Led Zeppelin, Tool, Metallica, and Black Sabbath.  Hippies and Horn Checks will be together again and of course, you know it’s going to get crazy.  

We are going to stuff Chris Bro in the back of trailer and roll out to BrydFest in the name of Rock and Roll.  Oh, and you’ll get a Glostik Willy original set as well!  Thinking we might just have to put our foot down hard on some of that sweet Arkansas soil.

All of the details are right here:  And maybe stop by and say hi to The Schwag and tell them Glostik Willy sent you.  You can Like their page here:  We hope to see you down in Ozark, AR in late September.