Festival Vending

Festival Vending


All pre-registration vending forms must be postmarked by June 30, 2016 to receive selection and any discounts. The form must be submitted with the full vending fee. Partial payments will not be accepted. Please include a rough drawing illustrating your booth set up with your application. By registering and submitting this form, you agree to the conditions set forth in the VENDING INFORMATION included below.

*Pre-Registration ends June 15, 2017

Registration ends June 30, 2017 – ***CLOSED***

We are accepting submission for merchandise vendors on a first come first serve basis until closed. 

Merchandise vending spots start at 10′ x 10′ but you can upgrade to a number of different configurations.


$250 to 350 Merchandise/Craft Vendor 10×10 Space 
$500 to 650 Food Vendor 20×10 Space  
$120 Walking Vendor (includes entry)

OTHER / Extras:

$65 Extra Worker Pass*
$100 for Extra 10×10 deep for merchandise vendors
$250 for Extra 20×10 frontage for merchandise vendors
$300 for 20×20 for merchandise + possible fees paid to County Fire Department by money order at inspection*

  • 2 General Admission Passes to Event for Merchandise Sales – includes camping and 1 vehicle pass
    (inside the arena).
  • 3 General Admission Passes to Event for Food Sales – includes camping and 1 vehicle pass
    (inside the arena).

Payment confirms your commitment to participate. Please submit carefully and ensure you are able to vend at the event. This is a nonrefundable, rain or shine event and once your slot is registered and confirmed, we cannot offer it to someone else.

By submitting this form, it does not guarantee that you will be selected to Vend. Spots are limited and we only have so many that we can offer.



Use the form below to submit your application and you will be invoiced for the fees. You can pay by money order or through PayPal, Credit Card or Electronic Transfer, online.

The APPLICATION IS CLOSED – You might be able to get a merchandise vending booth by requesting it at the Gate.  No additional vendors accepted after 3pm on Thursday. 


*Limited quantities available.

**There is a 3% convenience fee to process your payments online.