Dust Off The Cowboy Boots, 3 Texas Dates Added This October (San Marcos & Austin)

It is long overdue and to be honest, we REALLY miss Texas!  It’s time to dust off the cowboy boots and head down to a few of our favorite spots with some of our favorite bands.  We will be doing 2 nights in Austin and 1 in San Marcos, alongside great bands like TransContinental Trip and Consider the Source!  If you are feeling in the mood for a road trip, this will be a good tour to catch.  Info below: 


10/13  One2One (Austin, TX) w/ TransContinental Trip & Shaws of Awe

             RSVP HERE:  https://facebook.com/events/531277763743160/

10/14  Indras Awarehouse (Austin, TX)  

             RSVP HERE:  https://facebook.com/events/297489933956591/

10/15  KIVA  (San Marcos, TX) w/ Consider the Source 

             RSVP HERE:  https://facebook.com/events/1017415055037817/